Finn’s began in 1972, in the back of the family garage. Mr. L.A. Finn, a retired Navy Chief and Aviator (USN Helicopter Pilot #61), began polishing brass for a friend and after receiving a huge job asked his son, Mike, to help him out. It was at this moment, in the middle of the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop that this agreement was formed, and Finn’s was born.”   Florida Times Union

 Well that says it in a nutshell, doesn’t it!  Pappy offered me nearly double my Winn Dixie bagboy pay to 3 bucks an hour and showed me the basics. Yeah basically I did all the dirty, sweaty stuff that I had been able to avoid my first 18 years, but who could turn down $3 AN HOUR !! Wow!!!   So, secure in the family garage we thrived with the help of area antique lovers,  home renovators and very helpful businesses. The word spread and we are grateful for the opportunity to meet and be friends with so many of Jacksonville`s nicest, appreciative customers.

  So that`s  how a person ends up in such an odd business for 45 or more years. I would like to think this staying power had a lot to do with the way we do our job of course, because it is the attention to the details that makes this job so rewarding as we bring back former beauty to hundreds and hundreds of varieties of items. It really has been and still is a pleasure.

  We like to have solutions and answers for your questions and will try every angle to help. Give us a call!  


  Mike Finn

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