Mostly we are a metal polishing business where we remove old finishes, coatings or tarnish from household decorative items, then professionally polish and then clear lacquer them. These items range from brass doorknobs to chandeliers, andirons to fire extinguishers, all benefiting from a clear metal lacquer to prevent tarnishing for years and years.

The same applies to sterling and silverplate but often the uninitiated tends to fear lacquering their silver, especially their sterling pieces. Let me attempt to assure you that I have never in my 47 years doing this have I seen any unreversible or damaging issue with lacquered silver. The lacquer CAN scratch off of course and that would necessitate light hand polishing of those areas on the piece, but the rest would stay beautiful for years. Just treat it like it should be anyway and you’ll love not having to polish your items that you enjoy having out in view. Remember that lacquer can ALWAYS be removed with a gentle paint remover that doesn`t even discolor the silver when applied. Easy! No harm done! Done it forever.

Once in awhile we need to replate worn pieces that are beyond saving by polishing and we have specialists for those occasions. Silver, gold, nickel, copper and chrome are available.

We also have been repairing broken handles, feet, finials with solder, pins, glue and friction and whatever other means that can be thought of to maintain a certain look or fill a desired effect for decades. Brazing and silver soldering of sterling and brass too.

Lamp and chandelier repairs are second nature for us as we have a large selection of parts and abilities. Lamps that don’t work are a piece of cake and are priced accordingly. Chandelier broken arms are not so simple but can be done easily, we just have to pull and replace the wire in the offending arm after the repair. We have most parts in house but can order specialty parts as needed.